Lake Texoma Properties

Guest blog by: Lainie Ramsey

Simply known as Texomaland or Texoma, the grand Lake Texoma is located on the Red River which is separating Texas and Oklahoma. This magnificent body of water attracts over six million visitors every year. The popularity of it is made possible by its vastness and its closeness to Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex which is just a one hour drive from the its south side. The area surrounding the lake is comprised of two state parks, 54 USACE managed parks, two wildlife refuges, and twelve marinas. With Lake Texoma real estate you can surely get what you will bargain for.

The lake also adds to the Grayson’s County’s thriving economy because of over hundreds of campgrounds, twenty six resorts, and vast golf courses. Striper fishing is also another factor that helps boost the area. Here locals and visitors can enjoy a variety of activities including wind surfing, power boating, water skiing, personal watercraft, kayaking and so much more. Because of its depth and size, it has become one of Texas’ major sailing destinations.

Due to its growing popularity, more people are wishing to live nearby. The blend of serenity and fun that the area offers is a major reason why Lake Texoma real estate is a wonderful investment.

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