Five Tips for Brightening up a Home this Spring on a Budget

Pismo Beach, CA / May 17, 2012

Spring is brightening up the world all around us. With longer days and warmer weather approaching and new colors emerging everywhere, this creates the perfect backdrop for lifting your abode out of winter hibernation with style. We’ve culled five simple tips from many expert sources to help homeowners let their decorative ideas blossom this season – without wilting away their bank account.

1. Paint the Town Red (or Orangery) – Relatively inexpensive, a new color of paint can dramatically alter and revitalize a space. Create (or re-create) a single accent wall in a room or two with an orangery shade that will give any room a subtle burst of energy and warmth it’s been missing all winter. Painting ceilings white is another way to brighten a space. Homeowners can also cut spending by purchasing low-cost paint at a local hazardous waste recycling center and inviting neighbors, family and friends to help get the job done. Just don’t forget to supply some seasonal treats to snack on!

2. Throw Pillows That Thrive – Decorative pillows don’t have to cost a fortune to make a fun statement. suggests switching muted fall throws pillows on your sofa or bed with bright colors and bold prints. To cut on spending homeowners can buy prints at a local fabric store and sew new pillow casings for existing pillows, or replace altogether through sites such as or that are more affordable than department stores. This also applies to living room drapes and shower curtains.

3. Let the Inner Flower Child Shine – Nothing says its spring more than a welcoming arrangement of fresh blossoms. This season, ¬create your own floral artwork by taking (or purchasing) photos of various types of flowers and place them in vintage frames in sets of four or six for a vibrant display. recommends exchanging spring prints for other seasonal photos as the year progresses.

4. Why Didn’t I Think of That? – Add unforeseen accessories and antiques to give your home a unique touch. Aside from sprucing up an unused dresser, desk or cupboard – get creative and explore local swap meets and yard sales for funky out-of-the-box household items for additional character that will cost practically nothing. suggests incorporating vintage hardbacks which will add height, dimension and charm to any end table. A simple bowl filled with fresh fruit will also give your kitchen counter that missing pop of natural color.

5. Where the Green Grass Grows – Think ahead and research the best places to purchase garden plants and supplies before spending a fortune at local nurseries, which are known to differ drastically in price and quality. Read reviews and ask around. Better Homes & Gardens suggest looking into online garden centers, too. Lastly, homeowners can save a considerable amount of money by planting grass seed instead of sod. For additional budget friendly curb appeal, sod the front yard and seed the back


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